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Steel Bar Welded Wire Mesh
We offer heavy type welded wire mesh panels including steel bar welded wire mesh.
Wire diameter for welded steel bar panels ranges from 5mm to 16mm.
Welded bar panels opening: 75mm to 300mm.
Panel length: 100cm to 1400cm.
Panel width: 100cm to 300cm.

Applications: Welded steel bar panels are widely used in construction reinforcement, the ground for the tunnels, bridges, highway, airport and wharf, also in construction of wall body.

Technical Data GWC2400 GWC2600 GWC3000
Horizontal Spacing 100、200、300、400 100、200、300、400 100、200、300、400
Vertical Spacing 50-600 50-600 50-600
Wire Diameter 5-12 5-12 5-12
Max. Panel Length 2400 2600 3000
Welding Materials Heated crimped round, electro galvanized round, heated crimped with rib, electro crimped with ribs

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